Welcome to Atlantis Aquatic Gardens

Greetings, and welcome to Atlantis Aquatic Gardens.  Atlantis is a retail aquarium and water garden store located in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Atlantis has been in business with the same owners since 1975.  Atlantis is one of Indiana's largest aquarium shops, occupying a 13,000 square foot building, with a modest outdoor water garden and animal display area as well.  Atlantis is best known for having a huge selection of healthy freshwater fish, african cichlids, aquatic plants, and Japanese koi.  While here, visitors also find a good selection of saltwater fish and invertebrates, as well as many basic reptile and amphibian pets.   To ensure the successful care of these precious creatures in your own home, our store also features a large inventory of equipment and supplies available for purchase.  During your visit, you will find a large display of different species of Macaw parrots and other birds waiting to interact with you and your family, as well as a large indoor pond full of friendly goldfish, huge catfish, and Japanese koi.